Unleashing Mobile and Digital Content


RNTS Media is a global holding company that owns and fuels multi-national businesses in the mobile ecosystem, with a focus on developing innovative technology platforms, monetization solutions, and digital content for connected devices. We are headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol RNM.



Market Opportunities


The mobile market isn’t just taking off, it’s soaring. With mobile access currently spanning more than half the world’s population, there’s no doubt that this brings fundamental changes to the way that people access, use, and interact with content – and the ways that businesses are taking advantage of this shift. While this evolution offers great opportunity, it also presents a number of new challenges, as developers must find profitable and sustainable ways to distribute and monetize their content. RNTS Media is here to answer that call.

Source: GSMA Intelligence


While the number of connected devices has skyrocketed, mobile has rapidly stolen share from traditional forms of media in regard to overall time spend. In fact, since 2013, mobile usage exceeded traditional desktop usage, making it the primary platform for digital media consumption. By providing content solutions for connected devices, RNTS Media is optimally positioned to seize the opportunities that arise from this trend.

Source: ComScore


Naturally, as the mobile market grows, so do its related industries. The revenue potential of the mobile app economy is growing at a staggering rate, with a projected valuation of $77B in the next few years alone. As your technical gateway to the mobile ecosystem, RNTS Media’s family of companies open the door to these market opportunities.

Source: Gartner

RNTS Media N.V. has been renamed Fyber N.V.
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